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παραδοσιακή κινεζικη ιατρική, τρεις θησα
Health & Harmony

Chi, the vital energy


Chi is the breath, the air, the atmosphere. It is the vital energy that governs the universe.

Chi is the basic concept of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. The smooth flow of this energy in our body is vital for physical and mental health. The way of cultivating and balancing chi is of course Tai Chi Chuan, but also Chi Gong that was later developed.


Traditional Chinese medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete medical system. Its application is lost in the depths of history. The foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, but also of acupuncture, are mainly the theories of yin yang, the five elements and the vital energy, chi. The continuous practice of this tradition for thousands of years without interruption, establishes and proves the accuracy of these diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.
Traditional Chinese medicine includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, chi gong and tai chi. In 2012, the World Health Organization included Tai Chi in treatments that can improve balance and mobility in the elderly population.


The three treasures


In traditional Chinese medicine, man has three kinds of energy or three treasures:
Jing, Chi and Sen. Jing is the creator of the low solar plexus that is located low in the abdomen and is directly related to the reproductive and urinary system. Chi is the vital energy, breath and blood that carries all the necessary elements for the functioning of the body throughout the body. It is located in the middle solar plexus, between the diaphragm and the navel, and is directly related to the respiratory system. Finally, we have Sen, the spiritual energy that is located in the upper solar plexus, at head height, and is associated with the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
Through exercise and meditation, we achieve transubstantiation. Thus, on the path of denaturation, from Jing we create Chi and from Chi we create Sen. Conversely, on the way to birth or manifestation, from Shen we create Chi and from Chi we create Jing.


The importance of breathing


Breathing has been studied in China for thousands of years. In Tai Chi, Chi Tao, and Chi Gong, breathing techniques are used to treat and prevent disease, to prolong youth, and to achieve longevity. In Tai Chi, proper breathing enhances defense or attack techniques.
In recent years, while interest in breathing has grown in the West, there are no clear guidelines and techniques. In tai chi and chi tao, we learn breathing through a series of exercises that help us absorb useful elements and eliminate toxins and useless substances.




Tai Chi, as a form of martial art, harmonises the individual with the cosmic energy through exercise and breathing. A perfectly compatible practice with meditation, which achieves the same results through a different technique.
With constant practice in tai chi and meditation, the two methods merge. After all, it is no coincidence that tai chi chuan is often referred to as kinetic meditation.

"Tai Chi is often described as meditation through movement, but it can also be called movement therapy." - Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School


In recent years, meditation as a complementary therapeutic tool has attracted increasing interest from members of the medical community.
The purpose of daily tai chi meditation is to relieve stress. We relax our body and concentrate on our breathing, which we direct towards our abdomen. With the help of concentration our mind balances for the rest of the day.
This form of daily tai chi meditation has been known in China for thousands of years. In modern times in university clinics, patients who are allergic to drugs succeed in meditating to reduce their heart rate and blood pressure.




Knowledge of nutrition in China has its roots dating back to at least 6,000 years ago and is based on the principles of balance and harmony, as well as on direct knowledge of the nature of food. This knowledge was gathered by people, who from their experiences, learned not only what properties specific foods contained, but also how to use them for nutrition and longevity, as they lived in harmony with nature and sought balance in all its aspects of life. Anyone who learns and uses this ancient, proven knowledge will enjoy health and longevity.


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