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Άσκηση του δασκάλου με μπο

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient and internal style of Kung Fu.


Tai Chi Chuan practice is based on the dynamic relationship of the two opposing forces yin and yang. Originally designed as a martial art,
in addition to its profound philosophical background and of course its usefulness as a self-defence mechanism, Tai Chi Chuan is now known (proven by numerous medical studies)  to promote
health and longevity.
From a practical point of view, training is done with forms, (i.e. sequences of movements, light contact) but also with purely martial techniques for the purpose of self-defence.
The movements vary from slow and gentle, to fast, sharp, and explosive. Both movement and stillness,
both ice and fire, both yin and yang are necessary to achieve balance.


Kung Fu, a misconceived concept.


"Kung Fu is intertwined with Chinese traditional martial arts." Of course, this is not entirely true. In China, it refers to any study, learning or practice that requires patience, energy and time to complete.
Kung Fu is the time and energy required for the evolution of body and mind through the arts and practice. Kung Fu is, in a word, ‘effort’.
In ancient China, great martial arts teachers were highly regarded for devoting their lives to study and practice.


Chi Tao and Chi Gong, Taoist Yoga


Chi Tao, the way of life through breathing, or as it was later called, Chi Gong, has its roots in Chinese philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine, but also in the martial arts. It combines postures, coordinated movement, breathing and meditation. It is used for exercise, relaxation and therapy.
Chi Tao is divided into Wei Gong and Nei Gong, i.e. the external and internal method. In the external method we direct the energy of the body with the movement, while in the internal method we direct the energy with the mind, while the body remains motionless.

Tai Chi Chuan
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