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A message for the new year!

On 12/02, which was the Chinese New Year, the year of the blue ox - white metal began.

In Chinese history/mythology, when the master of Taoist philosophy Lao Tzu passed-away at an old age, he left astride a blue ox. At the heart of Taoist philosophy is Wei Wu Wei, or ‘movement through inaction’.

It is no coincidence then, that master Lao Tzu mounted a blue ox that characterizes steady and serene change. The year of the blue ox marks the calm change. The blue ox works hard in the rice fields, with strong and steady steps to produce food that feeds millions of people. Even today, in inaccessible areas of China where rice is grown, the blue ox plow is used.

Whatever each of us does this year, it is good to aim for constant change, to work hard and to act with determination, kindness and wisdom, always through calm action. Certainly the new year brings changes, mainly positive. For anything new that we may wish to do, to succeed, it is good to follow the quality of the blue ox. Hard work with honesty, dignity, justice and credibility, will lead to success. Conversely, stability with blinders and dogmatism leads to conservatism. We need to follow the law of the 5 elements, with constant change gradually and not abruptly, and with a transitional period in between. We are not seeking ephemeral wealth. It is not right to try to win in personal and professional fields in an easy way because such wins will not be enduring. The easy way will not bring results in the long run. Our emotions will not be easy to externalize because we will feel a spiritual need to find our inner self. The search for peace and tranquility in our soul therefore will not allow us to externalize our emotions.

Maintain low tones, honesty while not seeking praise. The blue ox is intertwined with these qualities, so we need to give them to ourselves, our family, our work and those around us. We can freshen-up the interior of our home with a good cleaning, throw away anything old, give unworn clothes and shoes to those in need. Use the colors brown, ice white, earth yellow, metallic white and white gold. Empty space. Fresh fruits must be in the spotlight. Keep it simple when cooking, an overload of spices kills taste. The ox loves simple recipes and lots of salads with fresh vegetables. The ox is generous. So offer gifts, not because they are expensive but because they are needed, and because you give them to people you love. Give to those around you and keep to yourself what you need. Trust and responsibility to the person you love need to be given generously this year. As the saying goes: "Do not be charmed and you will not be disappointed".

Southeast and east. Give your thinking towards this direction. Northwest is prosperity. Love comes from the south. Whatever the difficulty, we remain calm and patient (no action). Ming tien (wheel of life, life of heaven) will be to our advantage. Haste and quick decisions lead to failure. Sometimes when our health is shaken, we wish for a quick recovery, but it will not bring the desired results. Perseverance and patience will bring the right result. Prevention is the best way to stay healthy.

We will close with a saying through the philosophy of Tai Chi:

"As fame comes to you, so it leaves you."

We do not realize when love comes, but we do when it leaves.

Let things flow on their own. When you cannot change something, leave everything to heaven’s will. When we change, everything around us changes. The big change for each of us is to act with no action.

Health and strength!

Ta Dao

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