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About Us

Golden Elixir

About us

The cultural association "Golden Elixir" was founded by people who share a common desire to learn the practice of Tai Chi, with specific focus, on the “Golden Elixir’ style, designed to improve wellness in both the body and the mind.
The aim of the association is to study and disseminate all ten arts that make up the Golden Elixir
style and not only the martial arts aspect.

A wonderful story

Imagine as we travel back to Ancient China, in the 3rd c. BC and specifically in 2,674 BC.
It is the first date when actual archaeological findings prove that there was a war system taught to the emperor's elite soldiers called
the ‘Golden Elixir’, or ‘Jin Dan’ in simplified Chinese. 
In fact, it was a martial art that surpassed all others, and was considered ‘invincible’ due to its multiple manoeuvres and movements.
Over the centuries, the Golden Elixir not only managed to survive, but went on to flourish,
reaching its great glory during the 7th century A.D. with many schools and numerous students. However, the ruling emperor of that time, feared that he was threatened by the superiority and popularity of the Golden Elixir teachers and thus expelled them, closing all schools. The teachers took refuge in the monasteries of the Nestorian monks that existed in China at the time.
Since then, the school of the Golden Elixir has not been fully and widely revived, with only one main school worldwide (located in China) up until today, however it enjoys great respect from all the other related martial arts disciplines. This school now exists also in Greece thanks to the effort of Sifu Vangelis Tarbas, a student of the great Chinese teacher Lou Gen.

Our style

Our style is called Kin Tan Kiao Noi Kan, or Jin Dan 金丹.
It means the Mythical art of the golden elixir of life. It is one of the oldest surviving Tai Chi styles, and one of the most complex ones, as it consists of thousands of movements and combinations, with bare hands or weapons, such as bo, sticks, sword, fans, umbrella etc. The movements somehow mimic movements we encounter in nature, as they are based on the movements of the five animals that make up our style.

Tai Chi master Tarbas

Our Master

The Sifu, (or teacher) of the school, is Vangelis Tarbas, who has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu and Chi Tao since 1983, in several countries around the world. Vangelis Tarbas is a teacher accredited with 4th grade Tai (tien-po), 8th dan, with many awards and distinctions, having participated in championships in Greece and abroad.
With meditation, Taoist philosophy and daily practice becoming a way of life for him, Vangelis shows us step by step the benefits we can receive from Tai Chi Chuan. With his methodical and patient way, he shares his love and knowledge for this unique art, while at the same time he shows us how to increase our vital energy and our inner strength, as well as ways to face everyday life (on both a personal and professional level) and quickly recover from injuries or chronic illnesses.

Ποιοι Είμαστε
Μια θαυμαστή ιστορία
Το σύστημά μας
Ο Δάσκαλός μας
Σώμα και Ψυχή

Body & Soul

Ο Χρυσός Φοίνικας και η Λευκή Τίγρη κάτω από το βλέμμα του Σοφού
Tai Chi Chuan

The art of balance and harmony. It is the supreme absolute, the great endless, the ultimate balance of yin and yang. It is the ancient Chinese traditional internal martial art, the history of which can be traced in the depths of the centuries.
As a form of martial art Tai Chi Chuan harmonizes the individual with the cosmic energy around us through exercise and breathing.
Tai Chi is for everyone, regardless of age, as it gently reaches and affects body, soul and spirit simultaneously.

Σημεία βελονισμού σε παλιό άγαλμα
Health & Harmony

Prosperity, longevity, and good health in general are what Taoism is most famous for. Through the centuries, its message is that health and harmony can be achieved. How? Balancing the spirit, avoiding waste of energy, maintaining a constant flow of chi (i.e. vital energy), maintaining a harmonious balance between opposing and complementary yin and yang forces and adapting to seasonal changes.

Το Τάο είναι ο δρόμος όπου καταλήγουν όλα τα μονοπάτια.

Tao is the beginning, the fact that gives birth to all events, it is the sky, it is the spirit, it is the mind, it is the path that all paths end in.
It is the search for truth, reality. In the Eastern way of thinking there are no divisions, everything is one. Philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine, exercise, the arts and nutrition are all inextricably linked. Everything follows the law of yin yang of all five elements.
The secret is in the balance.



Golden Elixir

52 Dionysou Str, Chalandri 152 34

Tel. +30 694 523 8970 (12:00 - 17:00)


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