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Royal Fish
Silent Snake
Golden Phoenix
White Tiger
Celestial Dragon
Το συστημά μας περισσότερα

Our style has depth, beauty and is extremely interesting!

Being a complex system, with innumerable movements and combinations, the Golden Elixir or Jin Dan, provides an infinite source of learning and inspiration. It is a style that you do not ever get bored of because you can always practice something different.
The movements in a way, mimic movements we encounter in nature, as they are based on the movements of the five animals that make up our style:

  • The Royal Fish that symbolises agility

  • The Silent Snake that symbolises flexibility

  • The Golden Phoenix that symbolises harmony, grace and softness

  • The White Tiger that symbolises strength and impetus

  • The Celestial Dragon that symbolises wisdom, perfection and fulfillment.

The style of the Golden Elixir in its complete form consists of a total of ten arts:

• Martial art      • Painting
• Philosophy      • Chinese calligraphy
• Meditation      • Botany
• Music             • Traditional Chinese medicine
• Poetry            • Cooking

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