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September 2020 - July 2021

Μαθήματα στην σχολή
Σεμινάρια - Εκδηλώσεις
Σεμινάρια - Εκδηλώσεις
Μαθήματα στη σχολή

Δευτέρα - Monday

17:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 19:00

Lessons at school
Seminars - Special Events

Due to the emergency measures to tackle Covid-19, courses from 3/11/20 onwards will be online until the lifting of the measures.

Our school offers Tai Chi Chuan classes, as well as classes in meditation, philosophy and Chinese calligraphy from Monday to Saturday, mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Contact us at for detailed information.


The Golden Elixir Association holds seminars and events for those interested in various topics related to exercise, health and well-being, such as:


- Breathing as a means of relaxation

- Analysis of breathing techniques
- Therapeutic touch
- Meditation techniques
- Taoist philosophical thought, way of life

- Balance of emotions

- Daily exercises for agility, flexibility and strengthening

- Activation of metabolism through diet.

Contact us at for detailed information or customized solutions.


Retreats Golden Elixir
Ευεξία στην εργασία
Ευεξία στο χώρο εργασίας

Participating in a Tai Chi wellness retreat is definitely a relaxing and pleasant experience, but when you share this journey and the changes you drive within yourself with the rest of the team, it could become a life changing experience. A key advantage of wellness retreats is that the presence of other people next to you when necessary pushes you to your limits and when it is required keeps you steadily in the right direction.
And, who knows, you may make lifelong friendships!
Retreats take place on set dates and various locations throughout the year and usually focus on wellness issues, such as detoxification through breathing and meditation, relief of musculoskeletal problems, etc.

The groups are small and the activities are led by Sifou Vangelis Tarba who with many years of experience, specialized knowledge and his unique human approach, takes care of each participant.

Wellness in the workplace

Benefits of introducing tai chi in your business


Most employee wellness programs solely focus on physical aspects of health, our Tai Chi approach takes a holistic view of overall employee wellness taking into account physical as well as mental aspects of health and wellness.
Employees who are aware of not only coping mechanisms for difficult moments, but also practical cognitive tools to shift perspective, as well as physical elements to increase focus, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen cardiovascular system, decrease chronic pain, recover from injuries and surgeries faster, in addition to a balanced diet, will be able to be both happy, healthy and start each client- or office-interaction with a fresh perspective. We therefore achieve better employee mental health, physical health, commitment, and retention.


Benefits of introducing tai chi in your

Workplace Wellness Program


• Healthier, more productive working employees

• Higher self-esteem and greater team-building mentality

• Lower turnover/higher employee retention rates

• More optimistic positive attitude

• Tools to improve the health, outlook and performance at work.

It is proven that employees that are physically and emotionally fit can make a company fiscally fit.


Tai chi practices/philosophy in the work environment lead to:

Better health that leads to better work performance 
Positive attitudes that improve company-wide morale 
Healthy people that means fewer medical claims 
Fit employees that handle stress and tension better 
Greater welness that reduces overall healthcare costs, lowers turnover rates and absenteeism 
Active lifestyles that give employees a sense of well-being
Mindfulness practices that provide tools to deal with stress.

Contact us at for detailed information.

Sessions are held either online or in the workplace.

For detailed information please contact

or at 6945238970 from 12.00 - 17.00


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