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Μια θαυμαστη ιστορια περισσοτερα

Recognition, respect, honor.

A very proficient student of our school travelled to China in 2017 and his plans were to visit a well-known Tai Chi school to see up close how training is done in the birthplace of Tai Chi. He asked to practice with them and to their great surprise, he performed very well. When they finished, they asked him what style he had learned and where. The students and teachers remained speechless as they had never heard of our style, as they were not aware that there are still schools in operation that teach and practice the Golden Elixir.
With great respect to the then very young (16-year-old) Dimitris, they asked him to perform for them some techniques, tao lou and other exercises of this style. Recognizing the importance of the existence and continuation of this unique school, the Chinese whole heartedly thanked him and asked him to pass their respects to the Greek teacher for his dedication in the art of Tai Chi, specifically the art of the Golden Elixir..


Image : in Tai Chi and Kung Fu we open and close our practice with this greeting which illustrates the symbol of yin yang.

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